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Preparing for the Birth of Christ - A look at some ways we can use Advent to prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ through the example of those who were there: Mary & Joseph, the shepherds, the angels, Christ, and the wise men.

No Room in the Inn - The Innkeeper was essentially saying to Joseph and Mary, “I have a lot of rooms here; I just have no room for you.” Are we unconsciously saying these same words to the Lord by filling our lives with other things?

Lenten Themes

Preparing Our Hearts for Easter - This presentation goes through the scriptures from Luke 22:13 through Luke 23:47 to reflect more deeply on Christ’s example for us in sacrifice, exchanging our self-focus for a God-centered focus, and accepting God’s grace in our lives.

Carrying Crosses – God’s Plan for Our Perfection This reflection focuses on particular questions about our trials and difficulties in life. The day examines those particular ‘crosses’ we are currently carrying, and any obstacles we may be clinging to that cause us to respond to God‘s perfect plan for us with less effective results; for even our crosses have a purpose, as God ‘works all things together for good’ in our lives. Living the Stations of the Cross This study uses scripture to examine qualities that help us grow in imitation of Christ and many small steps we can be taking to follow God’s call in our life. Included in these ‘small steps’ are ways of integrating the Stations of the Cross into our daily lives.

Taking on the Yoke of Christ - “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” An in-depth study on Matt. 11:28-30 and related scriptures.

Other Retreats and Days of Reflection

Pursuing the Call to Holiness - We are called to ‘be holy’ as God is holy. This reflection helps bring clarity to what that call means and how we can respond to it.

Understanding Penance - This study takes a subject most people are somewhat familiar with and goes deeper into why and how we live this. I have seen very little written on penance, so it always brings people, on any level, to a new depth when I teach it. This was written with Franciscan spirituality in mind, though it has been taught to, and well received by, people without a Franciscan background. (Also available as a book).

Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience - Through the Words of St. Francis and St. Clare How do we make this a way of life? This retreat offers reflections for understanding, and practical ways of living, the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience through the example and writings of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.

10 Disciplines for the 10 Commandments - A good reflection for those who want specific guidelines on ways to become more disciplined in their words, actions, and attitudes. (40-Day Reflection book available). Coming Into the Presence of God Examines specific and everyday ways for deepening our awareness of God’s presence in our lives, so we can give more attentiveness to the attention God gives us.

Intercession - A teaching on prayer and specifically on the gift of Intercessory Prayer. This presentation/teaching brings understanding to ways of developing a prayerful disposition, the importance of purity, spiritual aids in prayer, and becoming more attentive in our focus on God as we pray. (Also available as a book). Becoming the Image of God God is always faithful to provide the ways to grow in His image, because it is His will for us even more than it is our own; but He provides in ways we don’t often see.

Faith and Transformation - Paul wrote to the Romans, “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” (12:1-2) This is a reflection on the faith we have and use in our daily lives, and how it plays a part in God’s gift of transformation.

Finding God’s Abundance in Your Desert - A deeper look at the ‘desert times’ of our life and how God uses them for our spiritual growth. Practicing Surrender to God We are all familiar with Christ’s words to the Father: “Not my will, but Thine be done.” Christ is the example we are called to live in our own day to day lives. As we seek to follow Him in words and actions, there are practical ways we can embrace God’s invitation to us for surrendering and trusting the Lord in all He is doing.

From Stress to Rest - As the title suggests, we should be learning how to let God take us from the worldly ways of worry and anxiousness to a place of peace and entering His rest. Discerning God’s Will A question we often hear is, “How can I discern if I am doing God’s will?” This presentation calls us to reflect on the gifts of seeking and discerning God’s direction.

Martha and Mary - This Day of Reflection focuses on the two sisters of Lazarus mentioned in Luke chapter 10 and John chapter 11. What can we learn from these two women of the New Testament? Each had their own gifts in serving the Lord, but we learn especially from Christ’s interaction with them what we can be doing to better serve God’s will. This is a theme that is popular and well received in women’s groups.

“Cricket led our faculty retreat 2 years in a row. She was back by popular demand! She personalized our retreats with our school theme in mind. The spirit flows through her as she gives an active and engaging retreat. Jerry’s beautiful music completes the package!”
Karen Vogtner, Principal - St. John the Evangelist, Atlanta, GA

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