Jerry and Cricket Aull

Jerry Aull, Cricket Aull, Jerry and Cricket Aull
Jerry Aull, Cricket Aull, Jerry and Cricke Aull

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Jerry and Cricket are a gifted and blessed husband and wife retreat team. Jerry, an accomplished musician, brings a serenity of spirit through the instrumentality of voice and guitar. Cricket, a seasoned retreat animator, shares her Franciscan spirit and radical love for God rooted from the Gospel and her marriage. May the Aull’s bring you their gift of sacramental love as you share a retreat experience with them. You will be blessed.”
- Fr. Noel Danielewicz, OFM Conv.


A wonderfully inspirational book to help you understand the gift of intercessory prayer. This book will help you to deepen your relationship with our Lord and allow His intercession to become a part of your life. $9.00 (includes shipping to most destinations)


Talitha Koum
Imagine a dialogue between Jesus and someone we read about in scripture, someone who had an extraordinary encounter with the Lord. The daughter of Jairus, a synagogue official, had such an encounter. What might she have thought upon meeting him? What might she have learned in years following, from being in his presence? Her words to Jesus might sound like your own as she shares with us her struggles, her prayers, and her questions to the Lord. His words to her might sound like the answers you too need to hear. $12.00 (includes shipping to most destinations)



10 Disciplines for the 10 Commandments
A 60 page reflection and workbook on the disciplines that underline each commandment.
$17.00 (includes shipping to most destinations)


Understanding Penance
A reflection on the meaning and purpose of penance. $8.00 (includes shipping to most destinations)


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